A Portrait


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A Portrait of A Woman

“This is a portrait of a woman. A strong woman, with large brown eyes and dark hair. Looking at the distance, with thought, seriousness, and determination. A beautiful woman, but beauty is relative

The woman, with eyes looking to the future. Her everything screaming “I’M READY!” What does she see? What is she preparing herself for? This is a portrait of a woman prepared to fight for a better future.”

What? I’m posting something? And that something is so bloody short?? O well. This is a drawing of no one in particular. I just found a piece of already-printed-on paper and drew something random on the back. Because I could use the back. Because it was blank. And it would be a waste of paper if I just threw it. It turned into a portrait(?) of some woman and this is the BW version. Well, it’s not like I coloured it. 😛

So~.. The.. Drabble? Word vomit?? I just came up with that (just like every other word vomit I write/type), and it’s just what I think of about this drawing. I hope you like it?? ^^’a

And, wow! Summer has shown its bad side. The heat wave today! It was about 41 degrees Celsius here. It was hot (still is), sunny (which did NOT help at all), and kind of windy. The thing is, the wind was hot! So outside it was this stuffy kind of hot. And there were people walking around! (okay, don’t think of the ones that had to work, or buy stuff you need in order to live) But, well, I guess it wasn’t that unbearable.. If you didn’t stay outside for too long. And yes, I was one of those people walking around in the heat. What? I wanted to know the difference between hot here and in Bali! Although I kind of expected 40 to be dead-hot.. But I’m not saying it’s not hot. I stayed inside most of the day. Lucky. It could be worse? My father could’ve not borrowed the portable Air-con, or my house could’ve been one of the types that weren’t hot-upstairs-cool-downstairs. (yes, it gets hot on the second floor in summer and cold on the first floor in winter, but I guess it kind of balances out) O well, nothing interesting, so that’s all from me.

B.o.S. over ‘n out!


EDIT: Okay! I just found out that I kind of have a pattern when posting??!! I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! So, I just scrolled down and noticed that recently(ish) I’ve been posting mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What the hey?! How did THAT happen?? And it’s not always every one week either, just check the dates! Wow, that’s weird.. *mind blown* But I don’t think it will last? I think this because things change when I notice them. Usually. 😛


Fireworks For A New Start


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Look At The People!

Look at all those people! Lucky me, I was on the bridge. 🙂The Sun Just Setting

The time was 7.30 p.m. and the sun has just started to set. The lights were turned on and the people waiting for the show.Reflection of Lights On Water

After the sky turned dark the lights from buildings reflected off the waters making an attractive ‘painting’.It's Dark And Almost Time

The time was 8 o’clock. One hour to the show and the warm day gave into a windy night. The sky was dark and people waited.DSCN4854DSCN4856 DSCN4858 DSCN4865 DSCN4869 DSCN4875Reflection of Yellow And Blue On Water Reflection of Red And Green On Water DSCN4896 DSCN4898 DSCN4900 DSCN4901 DSCN4902

The 9 o’clock fireworks are on! The night sky shines with colourful lights; red, green, blue, yellow.. The sounds produced were like thunder, the show was amazing. The lights were beautiful.The Streets After The Fireworks

The time was 15 past 12 a.m. and people are walking on George St. heading to the unblocked parts where they could get a bus, taxi, or their car.


Happy (belated??) New Year, everyone! \( 😀 )/

So, it’s really late now and it’s kind of my fault too, but I’m tired now so I’ll edit this post when I wake up. Good night!

Edited! 🙂

What do you think of my reporter-like writing? Is it good enough? So, I’ll just say that that day was quite hot at first but then the night was windy and the wind was cold. :\ I tried to do some writing before the fireworks started to kill time. I only accomplished a little. These photos of the fireworks are from the 9 o’clock one, I watched the midnight fireworks too but I took a video and, well, I don’t think I can post videos here. Oh, and these were taken on Anzac Bridge, not the Harbour Bridge, obviously. And my father got sunstroke.. Kind of. So I went with some relatives.

And, guys, I really need your opinion on After Dark. Seriously. Help me. And I kind of need a beta.. Word is doing a better job at proof-reading than me. *sobs*

Plus the fandom(s) is taking over me these days. I really want to make a Tumblr blog. If anyone cares I might tell you when I do. Anybody like the new Sherlock TV-series??

Tumblr is giving me Sherlokian feels so.. B.o.S. over ‘n out! T^T7

After Dark #1


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AFTER DARK (comes light)

Ch. 1: “The Sun Sets In the Horizon”

“Tyler! You’re the only one I can trust!”

I can’t believe what happened. It was as if this is all a dream, a very vivid nightmare. I wish it was. But I know it’s real, everything that’s happened is so painfully real. Why.. Why did this have to happen.

“I need you to check the book! If I don’t come back you have to get to it immediately, before they know!”

Why didn’t he tell me sooner. Why didn’t I know. I should’ve known. He has been acting weird the past week. What happened. I should’ve asked. I should’ve pestered him for an answer. I could’ve helped him. I had a chance to save him. Not anymore.

“Tyler, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to get you involved. Don’t blame yourse-“

I stand in the alley, staring at a hunk of black with the shape of a human, the phone I clutched in my hand while I ran, desperate, fell to the ground. I hear voices, I see people, I feel someone touching me. My brain doesn’t register anything except the burnt body on the ground. ‘It’s not him, it’s not him it’s not himit’snothimit’snothim!’ My mind desperately screams. I would’ve said it out loud, but no sound would come out of my mouth. ‘Please, please..’ I’m fooling myself. I know who it is, I just don’t want it to be. “Kellerman, I’m sorry.” I hear a female voice speak to me. I look up to see Michelle, a co-worker. “Kellerman, are these Officer Carson’s?” She holds up a set of dog tags with scorch marks. Tom’s! I take in a harsh breath, my eyes wide, as shock came crashing back. I feel something slide down my cheeks. I’m crying. But I don’t care, my best friend has died in a brutal way, I have every right to cry.. No, wait! It could’ve been planted there, you can’t tell if that’s really Tom, that body is unidentifiable. That’s right, Tom can’t be dead yet, he still has a lot of things he wants to do. That can’t be him. I can’t accept it!

I need to fool myself. Just a little longer.. I think I should call my sister. I’ll need her.

This is my eighth beer. My sister should be here in thirty minutes. It feels like forever. Why couldn’t she be somewhere closer. Damn it! I need another beer.

A woman with back length red-brown hair and green eyes steps into a dark house, carrying a large backpack, and closes the door behind her. She walks into the living room and puts down her backpack near the sofa. A man with the same traits as her is splayed uncomfortably on the sofa, unconscious, ten cans of beer on the coffee table. She sits on the edge of the sofa and caresses the man’s head, her expression sad. Standing up, she grabs her backpack and heads up the stairs. She comes back with a blanket and sets it over the man’s body. She closes the curtains and makes sure everything is locked, places a glass of water and some aspirin on the already cleared coffee table, and heads back upstairs to go to sleep in the guest room.

I groan, covering my head with a blanket. My head is killing me. I desperately don’t want to go to work, but I have to. I also need to make sure of something. After awhile, I slowly uncover my head and see a glass of water and aspirin on the coffee table. A warm feeling settles in my chest. What am I going to do without my sister. I sit up slowly, not wanting the banging in my head to get any worse. I also don’t want to clean the carpet. I know my sister would refuse to do it unless I am absolutely sick, not hungover. I look around the room, thanking my sister once more. I finish off the water, using it to wash down the aspirin. “Hey, good morning.” I hear the quiet voice of my sister, Taylor. She has two cups in her hand. I’m assuming one is coffee and the other is tea. She hands me a cup containing, I was right, coffee and sits down beside me sipping her tea. Taylor rarely drinks coffee and if she does she never makes it herself, on the other hand she drinks tea on a regular basis but never has it made for her (a.k.a. order it in a restaurant or coffee shop). “Morning, sis.” I answer her with a small smile. I know she knows I’m not okay, that’s why she didn’t ask, but I still don’t want to worry her more than necessary. My attempt was futile, but it doesn’t hurt to try. “Are you sure you want to go to work today? Why don’t you take a day off..” I shake my head slowly. “I have to check on something, it’s important.” She nods and caresses my head. I like it when she does that, it always gives me a sense of comfort. She takes a deep breath and says with a reassuring smile and a pat on my shoulder, “Take a bath, you stink.” I smile at her, drink the rest of my coffee, and head upstairs for a bath. She’s right, I stink.

I sit on my desk nervously waiting for the results, wishing for the best but expecting the worst. I’m slightly hungover, but I’m good at hiding it. Besides, I can’t worry about that right now. Michelle is walking to my desk, holding a file. O God, please, I don’t like her expression. My heart starts to beat rapidly and my palms are sweating. She hands me the file and I place it on my desk, hands ready to open it. I try to stop my hands from shaking, I don’t want to show that I’m scared, no, terrified. I take a deep breath and slowly open the file. I read through it and close it abruptly, my hands going white from clutching the file tightly. The body was burned beyond recognition; even a DNA scan was useless. They identified the body from the dental records. It was a match. Tom is dead. No, no, that could also be a trick. I still can’t except it.. But everything else is saying that he’s dead. My head is a mess. I can’t think clearly. I’m still trying to deny it, but I’m losing hope. I don’t want him to be dead but I can’t believe that he isn’t. “Kellerman..” Michelle says softly, her hand on my shoulder, an attempt at comfort. “Michelle. I need to be alone right now, please.” I clench my hands together resting my forehead against them, my eyes closed tight, elbows on my desk. “The boss wants you to take the day off, but if you need, take the week off, I’ll let him know, he’ll understand. Go home.” “I’ll take the week off, thanks.” I almost mumble and head off taking the cab home, not wanting to risk anything.

I open my door and my sister immediately hugs me, I’m sorrys and reassuring and understanding words coming out of her mouth. I hug her back. I don’t need to hold anything back in front of her. I sink down on the floor, Taylor following. I want to deny it, I really do. It seems that Taylor will be staying here longer than I thought. This is going to be a really long week. I’ll need to get the book. I have to find the one responsible. Attend the funeral, whenever it is going to be. Investigate. Revenge. Probably still try, and fail, to deny. My head is a total mess. I’m a total mess.

End – Ch. 1

Whoop! Here’s the first chapter of After Dark. I apologize for any grammatical errors and/or typos, or other errors that may exist and of course for the long delay. It would be awesome if you guys inform me so I can fix it. I don’t have anyone to proofread my stuff except Ms. Word, so.. :/

I hope you like it and that it’s good enough for you. ^^a If not, well, I’m open to suggestions. It’s kind of hard to offend me (unless you know which buttons to press) so go ahead, eh. Uh, if there is anything that you didn’t understand or if there is anything that’s unclear, just ask away. Yeah, that’s all.. Sorry. :l

B.o.S. over ‘n out!

December Festivities


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Xmas Tree In A Gloomy Day

“At last, here we are, we have arrived. Inside of the airport it was cold, but outside was quite warm. I’m glad I decided to open my jacket. Just outside was a big Christmas tree. It was such a pity that the day was cloudy, with a light drizzle just before we got into the car. When we got home, though, it was hot! That day was the last day of a heat wave, but not the last heat wave. I’m lucky that I’m used to hot weather, even though never that hot. Welcome, me!” 6-12-12 Happy Birthday

“I didn’t know before, but now I will try to remember. Happy birthday Dongnik, I hope you had a nice day.” Xmas Tree And A Building

The day was cool, it was hard to think that it’s summer. My father and I went to Manly and on the way back I decided to take a picture of a Christmas tree in front of a building. There were some men taking pictures in front of it. We moved along.” The Christmas Tree 2

“A large Christmas tree in Martin Place. It was getting dark, but there were still a lot of people walking around.” The Christmas Tree

“The bustling of people around, getting their business and shopping done before the holidays.”A Christmas Bus

“The bus decorated to celebrate Christmas.” A White Chistmas

“An innocent wreath became the victim of my camera and my habit of taking a picture of anything and everything.” A Wreath And Welcome To Sydney

“Welcome to Sydney! I welcome the rest of my family a couple of weeks before Christmas.” The Scottish And Xmas Songs

“A Scottish band playing Christmas songs in front of the Sydney Airport near Christmas. A lot of people gathered. Some just watched, some took photos, and others took videos. I took both.”17-12-12 Happy Birthday

“Happy birthday to a friend of my father. It was an interesting day, at least for me.” Santa Clause On A Bicycle

“A little Santa Clause riding a little bicycle, the changing wind directing his path.”Xmas Food?

“This is the new Christmas food? A fresh new way to feed your family! It was actually kind of funny. I saw some Christmas decorations in a cooking pot, and of course my head had to make a joke about it.” 22-12-12 My Birthday

“The day after ‘the end of the world’. Who believes that crap? Why would someone make something with hard work and then ‘end’ it just like it was nothing. No offense, but I find it funny. Instead, I prefer the belief that that day was the end of Kali Yuga and the start of another ‘golden age’. Although I did (and still do) like to joke that God gave me ‘the end of the world’ as a birthday present. Even though it was a day early.” Xmas Chocolate

“Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and other holidays I am probably unaware of.”

Woo!! So, is it Christmas in America yet?? O well, so today was raining all day so my family and I decided to just stay home (although I suspect we would have either way). We don’t really celebrate Christmas anyway, what can I say to us it’s just another holiday. So this post is mainly for you Christians and people who celebrates Christmas.

Here in Australia is summer, but the weather is inconsistent as usual. At first it was hot, cold, hot, cold, but now it’s more HOT than cool and rainy. It was flipping 34 or something degrees Celsius for a few days! Luckily today was cool, around 25 degrees. But it was raining so… Anyhow! Nothing to say here so I’ll post one more thing then I’ll be out! 🙂

And happy birthday to everyone who is born in this awesome month! 😉

On The Road


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The Tree of Snow-like Flowers

“The Tree of Snow-like Flowers”

No Stopping, Nor Parking

“No Stopping, Nor Parking”

To Darling Street!

“To Darling Street!”

Forty Is All You Can Go

“Forty Is All You Can Go”

Nothing Left

“Nothing Left”

Pedestrians Ahoy

“Pedestrians Ahoy”



Chock-a-block With Cars

“Chock-a-block With Cars”

The First Road

“The First Road”

So, because it’s been about two weeks since the last time I posted something, here, have a whole bunch of photos from me. 🙂

This was all taken on the same day. Last year. My mother, grandma, and me went for a walk to Rozelle and of course I just had to take a bunch of photos on the way there and back. The first photo, I saw that tree and I just thought “Wow, look at that, it looks like there’s snow on it!” And I a bunch of photos of that tree. I took some close-ups too, but I’ll post that another time. Do you guys see my mother and grandma? 🙂 As for the second, third, and fourth, let’s just say that I looked, took a shot, and decided that it was actually quite good. *sweats* The fifth, we stopped somewhere to have a drink (walking from Annandale to Rozelle is damned far). I had a mocha I think? And just remembered to take a photo when it was all finished. Not bad though, no? 🙂 The sixth shot is a photo I took in front of an organic shop/supermarket/what-ever-it-was and the seventh is of a coconut my mum bought there. Yea, whatever, I’m pretty sure I told you that I take photos of anything that takes my interest. As for the two last ones, they’re also a “look, shot, o-okay” shot. So, yea, no story nor word vomit today guys just a short-ish explanation.. Sorry?

Anyhow, I can’t stop thinking of how awesomely amazing you all are. Thanks a lot for everything. And as usual, sorry for any errors, etc. 🙂

B.o.S. over ‘n out!

The House That’s Easy To Spot


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“The Mustard-yellow and sky-blue house. On the side of the street of the early age. Narrow and short, but wide and long. Enough space for a feel of comfort. A chimney unused. The garden not yet tended. This is the house of yellow and blue.”

“Welcome my guest, to my humble house. Come in, come in, I’ll make you some tea. Or do you prefer coffee? I have juice or milk if you want. I can give you some water if you don’t want any of the previously mentioned. What was that? Nothing would be fine? No, no I insist. Okay then, have a seat while I make it.”

“Up the stairs, from the dark first floor to the bright second floor.”

“Looking out the window, its hinges loose, to the backyard. A tree, lime-green. Bald in the autumn, leaves bright and scarce in the winter, small white flowers bloom in the spring, and lastly, dense green leaves filling it in the summer.”

“The backdoor coloured blue. With a knob of faded gold. A top the stairs of dark brown wood.”

“The man and a book. Reading with all seriousness, and his glasses not forgotten.”

– Nope, no story from me today. :\ As promised, here are the photos of my house. How I love my house and its distinctive colour. 😛 Now I remember where I took the photo of that doorknob I posted.. A few months ago? Well, to me my house isn’t that bad, it’s quite nice and comfy. 🙂

The last photo is my father. Reading a book. Doesn’t he look real serious there. 😛 Anyhow! I can’t think of many things to say right now so I’ll end it here. Thanks a lot guys. 🙂

Oh! And I almost forgot, this is the first post with a photo that has a person as the main object.. 😛

B.o.S. over ‘n out! ;D

A Grey Evening


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“The sun is near setting. The sky is turning dark and I feel the chill of the evening wind. I stand on the sand and look at the horizon. Not many stars will show tonight, the clouds are gathering. The salty wind is harsh on my skin, but I want to stay for a while longer. The sea is deep and dark, not showing what is beneath.

I picture the scene in different colours.. I think yellow is quite good, it matches the colour of the sun and the orange shade of the sky. I stare for another few minutes and decide that it’s getting too cold and head back to make tea and watch some television.”


Hoorah, hoorah another short story (monotone).. The first image is a bw version edited a little with photoshop (I added a gradient and erased some parts for the sun and clouds) and the second one is a version with 50% contrast. This was drawn on brown paper with a black pen. Haha, you might be thinking what’s with me and brown paper.. 😛

Anyhow, oh! I wanted to tell you guys about something.. So, a few days ago I finally finished a chapter for a story! 😀 I know that sounds sad, but I usually have to re-write a chapter again and again and again.. It’s annoying. D: That’s why I’m quite happy that I finished this and felt quite satisfied with the results. (Fragments of Dreams doesn’t count because they are more of a recount of my dreams than actual fiction) The title of this story is After Dark (comes light), taken from a quote by an Indonesian hero R. A. Kartini that says: “Habis gelap terbitlah terang”, which literally means after dark comes light. I felt that that quote suits the story a lot, because at the beginning the main character experiences something very bad and later (very later) on in the story will be revealed something that will counter that experience.

I’ll give you a little summary: Officer Carson stumbles into something he shouldn’t have. It’s too late for him to run or hide, he can only trust his friend Special Agent Kellerman to uncover the dark secret an organization wants to keep hidden. Tyler, only relying on what his friend left behind wants to find the person responsible for his friend’s death.

If you are an awesome blogger by the name of Sethsnap you will know what this is about.. More or less. If you want to know what I wrote try checking his ‘Your Story’ posts starting from here. This story has Tyler Kellerman, a 33 years old Aussie, as the main character. His best friend, Thomas ‘Tom’ Carson, is killed.. Right from the start. ‘Cause that’s the type of writer I am, start with a what-the-hell-happened/is-going-on scenario. 😛 The setting is in present day Australia. Because I can’t write a story with America, etc as the setting if I’ve never been there. :\ So far I only have one chapter done, but I have ideas for almost half of the whole story. That’s also the kind of writer I am, I think too far ahead. I should stop for a while now.. T__T And also this story is somewhat of a ‘before’ of a slightly older story I made. But that’s a different story with different main characters (yes, that one has multiple m.c.s). Anyhow! I’ll type the chapter into the computer before I decide to start the re-writing spree. I hope you guys will like it.. Remember I’m still new at writing (in a serious manner) so constructive criticism would be totally awesome. Thanks a lot everyone. 🙂

B. o. S. over ‘n out! owo7

Trees in Pencil


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“Going through the woods, I look up to see the sun. I have been walking for two hours now, just wandering around and drawing the scenes I find interesting. It’s almost time to go back. One more drawing then I’ll be done.

I see through some trees at the clear sky and bright sun. Hmm, I want to draw that. I sit down on a rock and take out my drawing book and colour pencils. I look up one more time before letting my hand draw freely.

I love drawing and as far as I know I’m quite good at it.”

That story up there is just fiction, for your information (and sorry it’s so short).. Oh, by the way, eek! Just imagine that the writings on the bottom right don’t exist. 😛 So, I drew this a few days ago because I felt like drawing. I used (kind of) half of an A4 drawing paper and colour pencils. I drew it at night so I couldn’t see that good (the light could be righter here), but I think it turned out quite okay. 🙂 What do you think? Is the shadow good enough? Or the tree and leaves, are they okay? Constructive criticism would be nice, I could use some to improve my drawings. 🙂

Oh!! And thanks a lot everyone, for all the likes and follows. I’m happy that people are enjoying what I’ve made.. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them. Thanks again guys, I love you all. ;D

The Rain, Path, and Glass


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“Beautiful flowers, hanging down like purple coloured rain. This is just a small example, this plant can grow into an enormous size, growing around and all over its host. But it isn’t a parasite.. They just need somewhere to hang on. I have seen a giant one. It was absolutely stunning. Imagine standing in between this beautiful rain of small purple flowers.”

“This path, with flowers and leaves growing around the pillars making it look old. This is only a normal path that connects the with other paths. Nothing absolutely special. But the pillars and flowers makes it worth a look. To describe it without better words, it looks old, interesting, unique, nice.. People go through without a second glance, but I’m different.”

“The Glass House, a house specially made for plants. Its exterior reflects the scene of the outside world. Inside, many different kinds of plants live. This ‘house’, possibly a town of its own in a way. Without it, some plants wouldn’t survive the unforgivable winter. It’s a house, a town, a shelter.. This house made of glass is an important home.”

– Ugh.. This isn’t a story nor a word vomit… D: Words are escaping me today… T__T Anyway, whoop! Botanical garden photos again! 😛 I have a lot but I’ll try posting others too. ^_^a For the flower’s name, I forgot it (I’ll have to ask my grandmother), sorry. Um, I don’t have much to say here.. O yea, I guess I’ll just tell you that..

The battery for my camera died after I took a few shots around the green house. I was disappointed of course, especially after what happened AFTER the stupid battery died. ;A; Going along, the battery died, we continued our walk through the botanical garden, and there was someone wearing a costume (I’m not sure if it was cosplay or not) and another taking photos of her. It was interesting and that was my first cursing-of-the-death-of-battery part 1. After that we saw this wedding thing (not sure what it’s called). There were two different wedding groups taking photos. I just passed the first group because they weren’t exactly doing anything interesting. We decided to go through the path leading to Lady McQuairie’s chair (did I spell that right? D: ) because I’ve never went there. After a few frequent stops (which again made me curse the battery death a few more times, okay maybe a lot) we got to the stone chair. It was pretty interesting, really. So, pass that, we saw wedding group no. 2. They were taking photos on the bits of rocks that weren’t under water. It actually looked quite interesting. Curse the battery. Then we saw thing part of the rock/wall that was made into some very big chair. We decided to take a rest there and I wanted to climb it to sit on the top. It had a great view of the Sydney Opera House and the bridge (I’m sorry, I can’t recall the name) and it was sunset. Now that was when I really cursed the stupid battery. The scene was just beautiful! I am absolutely going back there again when I go back to Australia. While I was admiring the view wedding group no. 2 decided to take photos with that scenery as the background. I enjoyed watching them, they were a funny group. They had a ‘serious’ take and a ‘not-so-serious’ one. It was fun watching them while they were taking the not-serious photos. (one wanted to open their pants 😛 ) Anyhow, they were hilarious. 😀 My trip home wasn’t as eventful so I didn’t really curse the battery then. But how often do you see something like I did that day? It was kind pf regrettable, but that day I had a lot of fun. It seems a lot of my fun days were spent having a walk with my grandmother. 😀 I love that day (and her) 🙂

Thanks a lot 🙂


EDIT: So I found out what the flower was called. It’s Wistaria, take out four alphabets you’ve got my name. 😉

Fragments of Dreams #3


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#3 Tower of a Bleached World

Everything was white, with only a few shades of brown. Heaven? Of course not, it’s far from it. A small white room, with nothing more than a small opened window and a large painting covering half of the wall opposite said window, in a tall white tower. The tower distantly resembled one in a certain fairy tale involving an insanely long haired princess. Everything seemed almost stop motion, as if time was crawling like a turtle rather than flying like an arrow. It’s quiet, almost mute, the only noise being my thoughts. Four women, including myself were present. I was in my earlier stages of a teenager and they were young, around their early thirties. I was standing in the middle of the room next to one of the women. I’ve never seen her before –I’ve never seen anyone in the room before- but I knew she was my mother. We were talking in a muted fashion. We were talking to each other yet I didn’t hear any words.

Somewhere in our ‘conversation’ I looked up to my right to see the painting. I don’t remember what painting it was, I was too busy looking at the woman hanging beside it on the wall. ‘She’s my grandmother’, my thoughts informed me. My mother was talking to her while I just stared. I wasn’t scared, or shocked, not concerned, I wasn’t even thinking of anything. I just looked at her. Maybe I was just a tad bit curious. I blinked and when I opened my eyes all I saw was white. My mind was slowly registering my position and surroundings. I was upside down. I looked up to see the small window of the tower. Oh. I was hanging upside down outside of the tower from the window. But my feet weren’t the ones keeping me from falling, nor were there any ropes. It was like I was just hanging there with nothing supporting me. Wait, it wasn’t my body. It was my great grandmother’s body. I was looking through her eyes.

Nothing came after that, the end, fin, not to be continued.

I don’t remember when I woke up, how I felt, or what I thought of. I remember that I definitely was not scared, angry, sad, nor happy. Maybe a little confused, I’m not sure. When I think of it, I don’t know why we were in a tower and why everything was white. What the painting was, why my great grandmother was the only one outside of the tower. Was it a symbol? Was it because she’s the only one who isn’t around anymore? The ‘world’ itself was quite weird, what with everything being white and all, as if almost everything in it were bleached.

End –Ch. 3

AGH!! This is so late!! DX I’m very sorry guys, and it’s really short too.. ;A; Anyway, this is the third chapter of Fragments of Dreams and the last one FOR NOW. I haven’t had any interesting dreams (nor can I remember any) so this story will be in a hiatus until I can remember an interesting enough dream or if I dream of something proper (I mean this in more than one meaning)… 😛 So, yeah, sorry.. T__T Thanks 🙂

B.o.S. (begrudgingly) over ‘n out!