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G-damn I’m back at last. Hi. Remember when I said it was going to be dark in the last post? (read: half a year ago) No? Well, here is some creepy brought to you by yours truly. I see this as sort of cheating ’cause I made these last year but… *shrug* Here’s a little something to give you nightmares.

Do not worry. We will take care of you. We have eyes everywhere. We see everything. Our eyes are opened wide, so wide for so long that they can no longer close. We have long ago erased the need to blink. Don’t worry, our red eyes are not that scary. They just need the rest we can never have. Nor are our ghostly pale skin, our jagged, yellowed teeth, the dark rings around eyes, and our loud cracked laughs. Long, and screeching, it will sound as if we are right next to you. We wish we can be right next to you, behind you, or anywhere near you all the time.
Do not worry. Our smiles are wide, wider than you can ever imagine. From cheek to cheek, if we have any. If we do not smile, do not worry. Just come closer. We will smile as soon as we notice you. Some of us might run to you. Do not run away from us. We are just very happy to see you. Because we think of all the fun we will be having together. Just you, us, and so much red.
Do not worry. The red is everywhere. Forgive the smell, for we know it is too much, but it is our favourite. You do not have to like it. But do not worry, you will get used to it soon. You will not even notice the red clinging to you. Becoming a part of you.
Do not worry. You might find some wooden dolls hanging around. Swaying subtly, as if there was a breeze. When you look at them closely, you might see movement in their eyes. You might hear faint whispers in your head. They are just our friends. The ones who came here before you. We wanted to remember them. To have them here forever. It will not hurt at all.
Do not worry. What are you saying. That’s preposterous. This is not death. It is not a nightmare. Oh, silly, this is not Hell either.
We will have lots of fun.
Do not worry.

I also wrote this last year, I just changed some things here and there. 😐 *haha welp* I’m not a hundred percent happy with it, but right now I can’t think of anything to make it better.
Isn’t my imagination fun? Wait until you’re alone in the dark. Then all the fun things will come out and play. I hate my brain and love it at the same time.
I hope you felt sufficiently creeped out.

B.o.S. over ‘n out!