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A green pumpkin A green pumpkin

White and purple with a pinch of yellow White and purple with a pinch of yellow lol for this sounding like a recipe

Wood, a closer look Wood, a closer look and this sounds like a documentary or something

Big white flower Big white flower

Have a muddy four-wheeler!Have a muddy four-wheeler!

Will you believe me if I told you that I totally forgot that I had a blog…?? 😐 No, wait, I forgot I had blogs!! Oh s***… O”””O

….. On another note, I’ve been drowning in assignments and Linkin Park and One Republic songs (they’re both super awesome bands and you should totally listen to their songs). And sometimes I hate my self.. (okay maybe hate’s a bit harsh) TT___TT On the brighter side my studies are almost finished for this year, and it’s almost Xmas! Whoop!! Well, I don’t really celebrate christmas, but my mum will be here for my birthday and it also means holidays, so yeah… :Pv My father thought that I was going to be 20 this year.. It made me confused for a while ’cause I’ll be 20 next year. #facepalm But that’s already cleared so whatev.. Oh! And I have wi-fi now, woohoo!! And my laptop can access WordPress again, finally!! \o/

Um.. I can’t think of a story right now so… Hiatus?? ;__; I might edit this post later, or post the next story about Allan and co. on the next one, (or the one after that ugh) I don’t know….. Untill next time,

B.o.S. over ‘n out!!