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The eraser/rubber who drinks tea

The eye of bad pun ( 😛 )

Hey won pt you look at that, I coloured them!! Whoop for me!! \(:D)/
Anyhow, I made and coloured all of these on my iPad.. Aaanndd I’ve been lazy again… T^T isthatnewsnonotreallywell
And have a one-eyed cartoon character I made (he has friends) out of a whim. They’re one-eyed, simple drawings, with cone hats with their initials (they’re all named after emotions/feelings n stuff) on it.. And I try to make all of their colours different. It’s… Surprisingly not very easy… 😐


So, story of the week, time, post, month, whatever…

#3 The Religious Man
The Lord works in mysterious ways. At least that’s what people say and that’s what I have come to believe. They also say that angels are good and demons are bad. Every thing seems very black and white from what I have been tought. But as life has shown me, anything rarely is. There is no such thing as black or white, only varying colours of grey. Throughout my life I have learned many things. But all my 27 years of experience would never have been able to prepare me for an encounter that changed my life. My name is Thatcher Hemsley, and let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a young man with blue eyes and dark brown hair and pale skin. He was a man of faith. He believed in God, and he believed in people. In his school days he was diligent, and after he was hard-working. He was content with what he had in life, he was balanced. An encounter that would have been deemed as impossible by many people disrupted that balance. It was raining but he walked through, not minding his wet clothes. The streets were quiet and no one was in sight when he spotted a man. A man who was staring straight at him. It should’ve been weird or creepy, but all he felt was an odd sense of calm. A sense that this man is no danger to him. He stared back, curious, and as he got closer his footsteps slowed down. The man in front of him looked older with green eyes and black hair. The man smiled and said, “Hello, I am Asmodel, an angel of the lord, and I am here to serve you as your guardian.” Despite his belief, someone claiming to be an angel should have been a stretch, unbelievable. But he didn’t, no, he couldn’t doubt the being in front of him. He replied, “I’m… Thatcher Hemsley…” He honestly could not think of anything else to say. He was speechless.
That day, his balance started to change without his notice. His happy life fell apart but gave in to a better one. A life with a person he loves who loves him equally in return. But that was only the beginning. The story of his life has just started.

((Mmmhhhh….. I hope it’s okay for you guys. I’m not sure I actually got the atmosphere/feeling right. :/ So, Thatch’s pov will be a half fairy tale story telling sort of style. If you get what I mean.. ^^a That’s Thatch meeting Gav, and the next one will be Gav Cloy, the fallen angel. I can’t think of anything else to say, so, until next time,

B.o.S. over ‘n out!))