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An ‘Aye’

Lame pun ftw. :Pv Yep, I decided to give you guys another post after all. You’ll have to wait for Thatch’s story though. The last post burnt out my muse for tonight. (i.e. lazy ahoy slaps self) So~… An eye and a lame pun that doesn’t really mean anything. Wow, such a great post. (I still love sarcasm haha ^^’) On a different note, if you have been following me, or if you look at my older posts, you should remember my Fragments of Dreams posts. I have another story for that, but I might post it after I finish the intro for Allan and co. (only Thatcher and Gav are left so..) This dream stars (or starred???) my alter ego/other self/me from a parallel universe. And apparently he’s an ***hole.. :I I have a lot of dream!mes but not all of them have specific(?) personalities, and certainly not like him. Bad parallel me! pff idgit Oh, but I didn’t write it down yet.. Better get to it then.

Let us not seperate

Don’t ask. They’re.. Those, two… Somethings are not actually joined/stuck together, they’re holding hands. If you can’t tell, it’s really not your fault. I think they’re kinda cute…… :PP These two drawings(?) were made on my iPad.. without the pen things (I don’t know what they are called), and well, if I could print it colouring the eye would be interesting, I think. ^^a Anyhow, my laptop still hates me and I have to buy a cable to connect the printer/scanner to it so digital drawings slash doodles are all you’re going to get for a while. Sorry. D’: Are they bad? Too weird?? Or are they ok? ‘Till we meet again

B.o.S. over ‘n out!