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Hey guys, have a talking(?) eraser!!

So for some stupid inexplicable reason my computer wont let me go into wordpress (it keeps saying the connection resetted or the site’s busy D: ) so I can’t post any photos (which is supposed to be this post) ’cause they’re all in my laptop.. :/ I’ll try posting something from my school’s computer in maybe two days or so, I can’t do it today. If anyone knows why my computer is acting up, please help me.. ;A;

Okay, so you’re not just getting the weird eraser, you’re also getting a weird red-eyed rabbit. 😛 Thinking back, I don’t know why I used eraser and not rubber… :/a Meh, whatever.
I said that I would give you an Allan & co. drabble, but I can’t give it now, I’ll give you guys something in a few hours. Be patient until then. ^^a


B.o.S. over ‘n out!! :3