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A Portrait of A Woman

“This is a portrait of a woman. A strong woman, with large brown eyes and dark hair. Looking at the distance, with thought, seriousness, and determination. A beautiful woman, but beauty is relative

The woman, with eyes looking to the future. Her everything screaming “I’M READY!” What does she see? What is she preparing herself for? This is a portrait of a woman prepared to fight for a better future.”

What? I’m posting something? And that something is so bloody short?? O well. This is a drawing of no one in particular. I just found a piece of already-printed-on paper and drew something random on the back. Because I could use the back. Because it was blank. And it would be a waste of paper if I just threw it. It turned into a portrait(?) of some woman and this is the BW version. Well, it’s not like I coloured it. πŸ˜›

So~.. The.. Drabble? Word vomit?? I just came up with that (just like every other word vomit I write/type), and it’s just what I think of about this drawing. I hope you like it?? ^^’a

And, wow! Summer has shown its bad side. The heat wave today! It was about 41 degrees Celsius here. It was hot (still is), sunny (which did NOT help at all), and kind of windy. The thing is, the wind was hot! So outside it was this stuffy kind of hot. And there were people walking around! (okay, don’t think of the ones that had to work, or buy stuff you need in order to live) But, well, I guess it wasn’tΒ that unbearable.. If you didn’t stay outside for too long. And yes, I was one of those people walking around in the heat. What? I wanted to know the difference between hot here and in Bali! Although I kind of expected 40 to be dead-hot.. But I’m not saying it’s not hot. I stayed inside most of the day. Lucky. It could be worse? My father could’ve not borrowed the portable Air-con, or my house could’ve been one of the types that weren’t hot-upstairs-cool-downstairs. (yes, it gets hot on the second floor in summer and cold on the first floor in winter, but I guess it kind of balances out) O well, nothing interesting, so that’s all from me.

B.o.S. over ‘n out!


EDIT: Okay! I just found out that I kind of have a pattern when posting??!! I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! So, I just scrolled down and noticed that recently(ish) I’ve been posting mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What the hey?! How did THAT happen?? And it’s not always every one week either, just check the dates! Wow, that’s weird.. *mind blown* But I don’t think it will last? I think this because things change when I notice them. Usually. πŸ˜›