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Xmas Tree In A Gloomy Day

“At last, here we are, we have arrived. Inside of the airport it was cold, but outside was quite warm. I’m glad I decided to open my jacket. Just outside was a big Christmas tree. It was such a pity that the day was cloudy, with a light drizzle just before we got into the car. When we got home, though, it was hot! That day was the last day of a heat wave, but not the last heat wave. I’m lucky that I’m used to hot weather, even though never that hot. Welcome, me!” 6-12-12 Happy Birthday

“I didn’t know before, but now I will try to remember. Happy birthday Dongnik, I hope you had a nice day.” Xmas Tree And A Building

The day was cool, it was hard to think that it’s summer. My father and I went to Manly and on the way back I decided to take a picture of a Christmas tree in front of a building. There were some men taking pictures in front of it. We moved along.” The Christmas Tree 2

“A large Christmas tree in Martin Place. It was getting dark, but there were still a lot of people walking around.” The Christmas Tree

“The bustling of people around, getting their business and shopping done before the holidays.”A Christmas Bus

“The bus decorated to celebrate Christmas.” A White Chistmas

“An innocent wreath became the victim of my camera and my habit of taking a picture of anything and everything.” A Wreath And Welcome To Sydney

“Welcome to Sydney! I welcome the rest of my family a couple of weeks before Christmas.” The Scottish And Xmas Songs

“A Scottish band playing Christmas songs in front of the Sydney Airport near Christmas. A lot of people gathered. Some just watched, some took photos, and others took videos. I took both.”17-12-12 Happy Birthday

“Happy birthday to a friend of my father. It was an interesting day, at least for me.” Santa Clause On A Bicycle

“A little Santa Clause riding a little bicycle, the changing wind directing his path.”Xmas Food?

“This is the new Christmas food? A fresh new way to feed your family! It was actually kind of funny. I saw some Christmas decorations in a cooking pot, and of course my head had to make a joke about it.” 22-12-12 My Birthday

“The day after ‘the end of the world’. Who believes that crap? Why would someone make something with hard work and then ‘end’ it just like it was nothing. No offense, but I find it funny. Instead, I prefer the belief that that day was the end of Kali Yuga and the start of another ‘golden age’. Although I did (and still do) like to joke that God gave me ‘the end of the world’ as a birthday present. Even though it was a day early.” Xmas Chocolate

“Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and other holidays I am probably unaware of.”

Woo!! So, is it Christmas in America yet?? O well, so today was raining all day so my family and I decided to just stay home (although I suspect we would have either way). We don’t really celebrate Christmas anyway, what can I say to us it’s just another holiday. So this post is mainly for you Christians and people who celebrates Christmas.

Here in Australia is summer, but the weather is inconsistent as usual. At first it was hot, cold, hot, cold, but now it’s more HOT than cool and rainy. It was flipping 34 or something degrees Celsius for a few days! Luckily today was cool, around 25 degrees. But it was raining so… Anyhow! Nothing to say here so I’ll post one more thing then I’ll be out! 🙂

And happy birthday to everyone who is born in this awesome month! 😉