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AFTER DARK (comes light)

Ch. 1: “The Sun Sets In the Horizon”

“Tyler! You’re the only one I can trust!”

I can’t believe what happened. It was as if this is all a dream, a very vivid nightmare. I wish it was. But I know it’s real, everything that’s happened is so painfully real. Why.. Why did this have to happen.

“I need you to check the book! If I don’t come back you have to get to it immediately, before they know!”

Why didn’t he tell me sooner. Why didn’t I know. I should’ve known. He has been acting weird the past week. What happened. I should’ve asked. I should’ve pestered him for an answer. I could’ve helped him. I had a chance to save him. Not anymore.

“Tyler, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to get you involved. Don’t blame yourse-“

I stand in the alley, staring at a hunk of black with the shape of a human, the phone I clutched in my hand while I ran, desperate, fell to the ground. I hear voices, I see people, I feel someone touching me. My brain doesn’t register anything except the burnt body on the ground. ‘It’s not him, it’s not him it’s not himit’snothimit’snothim!’ My mind desperately screams. I would’ve said it out loud, but no sound would come out of my mouth. ‘Please, please..’ I’m fooling myself. I know who it is, I just don’t want it to be. “Kellerman, I’m sorry.” I hear a female voice speak to me. I look up to see Michelle, a co-worker. “Kellerman, are these Officer Carson’s?” She holds up a set of dog tags with scorch marks. Tom’s! I take in a harsh breath, my eyes wide, as shock came crashing back. I feel something slide down my cheeks. I’m crying. But I don’t care, my best friend has died in a brutal way, I have every right to cry.. No, wait! It could’ve been planted there, you can’t tell if that’s really Tom, that body is unidentifiable. That’s right, Tom can’t be dead yet, he still has a lot of things he wants to do. That can’t be him. I can’t accept it!

I need to fool myself. Just a little longer.. I think I should call my sister. I’ll need her.

This is my eighth beer. My sister should be here in thirty minutes. It feels like forever. Why couldn’t she be somewhere closer. Damn it! I need another beer.

A woman with back length red-brown hair and green eyes steps into a dark house, carrying a large backpack, and closes the door behind her. She walks into the living room and puts down her backpack near the sofa. A man with the same traits as her is splayed uncomfortably on the sofa, unconscious, ten cans of beer on the coffee table. She sits on the edge of the sofa and caresses the man’s head, her expression sad. Standing up, she grabs her backpack and heads up the stairs. She comes back with a blanket and sets it over the man’s body. She closes the curtains and makes sure everything is locked, places a glass of water and some aspirin on the already cleared coffee table, and heads back upstairs to go to sleep in the guest room.

I groan, covering my head with a blanket. My head is killing me. I desperately don’t want to go to work, but I have to. I also need to make sure of something. After awhile, I slowly uncover my head and see a glass of water and aspirin on the coffee table. A warm feeling settles in my chest. What am I going to do without my sister. I sit up slowly, not wanting the banging in my head to get any worse. I also don’t want to clean the carpet. I know my sister would refuse to do it unless I am absolutely sick, not hungover. I look around the room, thanking my sister once more. I finish off the water, using it to wash down the aspirin. “Hey, good morning.” I hear the quiet voice of my sister, Taylor. She has two cups in her hand. I’m assuming one is coffee and the other is tea. She hands me a cup containing, I was right, coffee and sits down beside me sipping her tea. Taylor rarely drinks coffee and if she does she never makes it herself, on the other hand she drinks tea on a regular basis but never has it made for her (a.k.a. order it in a restaurant or coffee shop). “Morning, sis.” I answer her with a small smile. I know she knows I’m not okay, that’s why she didn’t ask, but I still don’t want to worry her more than necessary. My attempt was futile, but it doesn’t hurt to try. “Are you sure you want to go to work today? Why don’t you take a day off..” I shake my head slowly. “I have to check on something, it’s important.” She nods and caresses my head. I like it when she does that, it always gives me a sense of comfort. She takes a deep breath and says with a reassuring smile and a pat on my shoulder, “Take a bath, you stink.” I smile at her, drink the rest of my coffee, and head upstairs for a bath. She’s right, I stink.

I sit on my desk nervously waiting for the results, wishing for the best but expecting the worst. I’m slightly hungover, but I’m good at hiding it. Besides, I can’t worry about that right now. Michelle is walking to my desk, holding a file. O God, please, I don’t like her expression. My heart starts to beat rapidly and my palms are sweating. She hands me the file and I place it on my desk, hands ready to open it. I try to stop my hands from shaking, I don’t want to show that I’m scared, no, terrified. I take a deep breath and slowly open the file. I read through it and close it abruptly, my hands going white from clutching the file tightly. The body was burned beyond recognition; even a DNA scan was useless. They identified the body from the dental records. It was a match. Tom is dead. No, no, that could also be a trick. I still can’t except it.. But everything else is saying that he’s dead. My head is a mess. I can’t think clearly. I’m still trying to deny it, but I’m losing hope. I don’t want him to be dead but I can’t believe that he isn’t. “Kellerman..” Michelle says softly, her hand on my shoulder, an attempt at comfort. “Michelle. I need to be alone right now, please.” I clench my hands together resting my forehead against them, my eyes closed tight, elbows on my desk. “The boss wants you to take the day off, but if you need, take the week off, I’ll let him know, he’ll understand. Go home.” “I’ll take the week off, thanks.” I almost mumble and head off taking the cab home, not wanting to risk anything.

I open my door and my sister immediately hugs me, I’m sorrys and reassuring and understanding words coming out of her mouth. I hug her back. I don’t need to hold anything back in front of her. I sink down on the floor, Taylor following. I want to deny it, I really do. It seems that Taylor will be staying here longer than I thought. This is going to be a really long week. I’ll need to get the book. I have to find the one responsible. Attend the funeral, whenever it is going to be. Investigate. Revenge. Probably still try, and fail, to deny. My head is a total mess. I’m a total mess.

End – Ch. 1

Whoop! Here’s the first chapter of After Dark. I apologize for any grammatical errors and/or typos, or other errors that may exist and of course for the long delay. It would be awesome if you guys inform me so I can fix it. I don’t have anyone to proofread my stuff except Ms. Word, so.. :/

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