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“The Mustard-yellow and sky-blue house. On the side of the street of the early age. Narrow and short, but wide and long. Enough space for a feel of comfort. A chimney unused. The garden not yet tended. This is the house of yellow and blue.”

“Welcome my guest, to my humble house. Come in, come in, I’ll make you some tea. Or do you prefer coffee? I have juice or milk if you want. I can give you some water if you don’t want any of the previously mentioned. What was that? Nothing would be fine? No, no I insist. Okay then, have a seat while I make it.”

“Up the stairs, from the dark first floor to the bright second floor.”

“Looking out the window, its hinges loose, to the backyard. A tree, lime-green. Bald in the autumn, leaves bright and scarce in the winter, small white flowers bloom in the spring, and lastly, dense green leaves filling it in the summer.”

“The backdoor coloured blue. With a knob of faded gold. A top the stairs of dark brown wood.”

“The man and a book. Reading with all seriousness, and his glasses not forgotten.”

– Nope, no story from me today. :\ As promised, here are the photos of my house. How I love my house and its distinctive colour. 😛 Now I remember where I took the photo of that doorknob I posted.. A few months ago? Well, to me my house isn’t that bad, it’s quite nice and comfy. 🙂

The last photo is my father. Reading a book. Doesn’t he look real serious there. 😛 Anyhow! I can’t think of many things to say right now so I’ll end it here. Thanks a lot guys. 🙂

Oh! And I almost forgot, this is the first post with a photo that has a person as the main object.. 😛

B.o.S. over ‘n out! ;D