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“Going through the woods, I look up to see the sun. I have been walking for two hours now, just wandering around and drawing the scenes I find interesting. It’s almost time to go back. One more drawing then I’ll be done.

I see through some trees at the clear sky and bright sun. Hmm, I want to draw that. I sit down on a rock and take out my drawing book and colour pencils. I look up one more time before letting my hand draw freely.

I love drawing and as far as I know I’m quite good at it.”

That story up there is just fiction, for your information (and sorry it’s so short).. Oh, by the way, eek! Just imagine that the writings on the bottom right don’t exist. šŸ˜› So, I drew this a few days ago because I felt like drawing. I used (kind of) half of an A4 drawing paper and colour pencils. I drew it at night so I couldn’t see that good (the light could be righter here), but I think it turned out quite okay. šŸ™‚ What do you think? Is the shadow good enough? Or the tree and leaves, are they okay? Constructive criticism would be nice, I could use some to improve my drawings. šŸ™‚

Oh!! And thanks a lot everyone, for all the likes and follows. I’m happy that people are enjoying what I’ve made.. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them. Thanks again guys, I love you all. ;D