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“Beautiful flowers, hanging down like purple coloured rain. This is just a small example, this plant can grow into an enormous size, growing around and all over its host. But it isn’t a parasite.. They just need somewhere to hang on. I have seen a giant one. It was absolutely stunning. Imagine standing in between this beautiful rain of small purple flowers.”

“This path, with flowers and leaves growing around the pillars making it look old. This is only a normal path that connects the with other paths. Nothing absolutely special. But the pillars and flowers makes it worth a look. To describe it without better words, it looks old, interesting, unique, nice.. People go through without a second glance, but I’m different.”

“The Glass House, a house specially made for plants. Its exterior reflects the scene of the outside world. Inside, many different kinds of plants live. This ‘house’, possibly a town of its own in a way. Without it, some plants wouldn’t survive the unforgivable winter. It’s a house, a town, a shelter.. This house made of glass is an important home.”

– Ugh.. This isn’t a story nor a word vomit… D: Words are escaping me today… T__T Anyway, whoop! Botanical garden photos again! 😛 I have a lot but I’ll try posting others too. ^_^a For the flower’s name, I forgot it (I’ll have to ask my grandmother), sorry. Um, I don’t have much to say here.. O yea, I guess I’ll just tell you that..

The battery for my camera died after I took a few shots around the green house. I was disappointed of course, especially after what happened AFTER the stupid battery died. ;A; Going along, the battery died, we continued our walk through the botanical garden, and there was someone wearing a costume (I’m not sure if it was cosplay or not) and another taking photos of her. It was interesting and that was my first cursing-of-the-death-of-battery part 1. After that we saw this wedding thing (not sure what it’s called). There were two different wedding groups taking photos. I just passed the first group because they weren’t exactly doing anything interesting. We decided to go through the path leading to Lady McQuairie’s chair (did I spell that right? D: ) because I’ve never went there. After a few frequent stops (which again made me curse the battery death a few more times, okay maybe a lot) we got to the stone chair. It was pretty interesting, really. So, pass that, we saw wedding group no. 2. They were taking photos on the bits of rocks that weren’t under water. It actually looked quite interesting. Curse the battery. Then we saw thing part of the rock/wall that was made into some very big chair. We decided to take a rest there and I wanted to climb it to sit on the top. It had a great view of the Sydney Opera House and the bridge (I’m sorry, I can’t recall the name) and it was sunset. Now that was when I really cursed the stupid battery. The scene was just beautiful! I am absolutely going back there again when I go back to Australia. While I was admiring the view wedding group no. 2 decided to take photos with that scenery as the background. I enjoyed watching them, they were a funny group. They had a ‘serious’ take and a ‘not-so-serious’ one. It was fun watching them while they were taking the not-serious photos. (one wanted to open their pants 😛 ) Anyhow, they were hilarious. 😀 My trip home wasn’t as eventful so I didn’t really curse the battery then. But how often do you see something like I did that day? It was kind pf regrettable, but that day I had a lot of fun. It seems a lot of my fun days were spent having a walk with my grandmother. 😀 I love that day (and her) 🙂

Thanks a lot 🙂


EDIT: So I found out what the flower was called. It’s Wistaria, take out four alphabets you’ve got my name. 😉