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“In the middle of a pond. A statue, with a white bird perched on top. Ducks swimming freely. The water blue, reflecting the colour of the clear sky and the green moss underneath. Look closely and see, people sitting in groups.

A peaceful day, a clear sky. Go out and look around.”

“A bird perched on a statue. The statue, a woman, streaked with white from all the days abused by weather and animal. The bird, coloured black and white, content with where it is.”

“One, two, three

White and black upon a tree

Look for us, can you see?

One two three upon a tree”

“A white fountain in a pond. Water dripping from the top. Leaves and ducks floating on the water. Trees and other plants surround them. The second captured where everything seems to stop. Will always be the same even with time not pausing a second.”


– I am very sorry I haven’t been uploading anything these days (again), I caught ‘the lazy’ again. ;A; So, what do you guys think? I took these when I went to the Sydney Botanical Garden (you know, when I took the photo of those ducks). I love taking photos of (moving) water, well actually I love taking photos of lots of things but whatever. And, I didn’t feel like coming up with a story so I gave you the ‘word vomit’ again.. ๐Ÿ˜› Sorry ’bout that. Tell me if there are any typo/grammatical errors. Or if my ‘word vomit’ was too weird. So, anyhow, seriously, can you guys see the birds in the third photo?? (I just realized there are three birds in the third photo, emphasis on third :P) To me it’s quite obvious, but I know they’re there.. Ask or click on the photo if you can’t. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

B.o.S. over ‘n out! Ov<b