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“It was a sunny day, only just a few clouds in sight. On top of a mountain with a group of people. With the blaring sun, bushy trees, singing and the sound of instruments in the air. I was there to ‘document’ the whole thing, taking pictures of everything that was going on. But of course I couldn’t resist The Calling and took some pictures of unrelated things for myself.

On the top of the mountain, camera in hand, I looked up and noticed something big. It was a cloud, shaped -in my opinion- like an angel. With the sun as its head and the cloud as its hair and body. It was too big for a single shot -I wish I could’ve taken a single shot though- so I took a few shots that showed the whole thing.

Not very long after that came a few much smaller clouds. ‘They are the army’ my mind supplied. I thought about it, and thought that the big angel was the head, the leader, and the smaller ones were its army, the infantry maybe.

In a way it was appropriate. Because on that mountain that day we were performing a spiritual ceremony. I guess the angels came to guide us.”

– Okay, first -just saying- I’m not christian. The rest, this was taken on top of a mountain near Mount Yengo in Australia. Okay, I’m not sure if it was a mountain or a hill, and I’m not sure what it was called, all I’m sure is that it was near Mount Yengo and it was on really high ground. Yea…

Anyhow! It was pretty awesome and really, really big. Actually, the big cloud can also be seen as Mother Nature?? I don’t know, I mean to me it’s an angel, but if you guys want to be picky and say “Hey! There are no wings!!” then I guess you can say that it’s Mother Nature.. But then the smaller clouds would be -I don’t know- her force? Some kind of army? Well, it was a beautiful day and I took a lot of pictures. Seriously, A LOT.. I guess that’s all?

B.o.S. over ‘n out! ;D

EDIT: I forgot to say, that the first picture was edited with photoshop. That’s all I can do with four separate images and a limited knowledge of photoshop. Anyway, thanks 🙂