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“A world on paper. It can be anything you want. Fantasy, realistic, simple, complicated.. Let your mind and hand freely create.

Whether it’s a tower with a moat around it, twin volcanoes spitting lava and smoke, or a tree with a magical gem in a cave. Whether it’s a story with a happy ending or not. That world you created on a piece of paper, only you know the full story it holds.

Won’t you share it with us? Your fantasy on a piece of paper. Here is mine, where is yours?”


– Drew this a few days ago. The first is the original and second is the bw version (contrast 100%). It’s on an A4 printing paper (HV paper? I forgot what it was called) and I used a pen when I drew it. The top-left is a tower with a moat around it and a wooden bridge to go across, in the middle of a forest (sorry if it doesn’t look like it). Bottom-left are twin volcanoes also in the middle of a forest with a black sun on the top-left side (or dark red as I prefer it) and some sort of ‘bridge’ between them, the left volcano is spitting lava while the right one is spitting smoke. The last one is (kind of) a (skinny) banyan tree with a glowing gem on the top, the ‘cage’ is made from the tree’s branches, in a dark (big) cave, the cave floor is meant to be made of dozens of rocks (not quite pebble sized).

I hope that was a good enough description, if there is anything else you want to know please just ask me. 🙂

By the way what I drew was a fantasy world, but it doesn’t really have a good story. If you want to you can (please?) help me make a story for it by putting it in the comments.

Thanks anyways guys and sorry for any errors. 🙂 B.o.S. over ‘n out!