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“The sun was starting its journey down, the sky turning darker. I looked outside the window just in time to see the sun hide behind a cloud, the rays peeking over just a little bit. It’s not every afternoon you get it, the golden lining and the ray in that particular form. To me it was beautiful.

The traffic wasn’t bad, but I needed the car to stop, just for a minute, so I can take the picture. After a few not-so-satisfying attempts, I finally got the right picture. It brings back memories, this kind of sunset, and I remember the awe I felt when I was a kid.

So very beautiful.”


– Yep, this was taken in a car, with my handphone. So please excuse the quality. This reminds me of a sunset I saw once, about five years or so, it was beautiful. I took a photo of it, I’ll look for it and post it when I find it (with a description, of course). Thanks. 🙂

Oh, and tell me what you think about it. (the sunset or photo, whichever you want)  🙂