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#2 Short Red Pop-Out

            I swear that something is watching me, waiting for the right time to jump out and scare me. It was dark, dusk, the sky cloudy with a smoky red to blue colour. The things around me are hard to see, their colour darker than usual. We’re at my old high school’s parking lot, near the back of the hall, my two younger brothers (J and R) and I. We were searching, playing a game of detectives –mystery-, I’m not quite sure. We walked further behind the school. I felt wary all the time, it felt like someone –something- was going to jump me.

The scene changed. We’re home, on the front terrace of the first floor. It’s already dark, and there were two single beds. Isn’t that dumb, placing two beds where people pass all the time with only a 0.5×1 metre carving as a ‘wall’ and nothing else to stop the rest of the world from looking. Absurd. But here I am with my brother, J, playing around with legos.

I’m bordering on scared now, I keep glancing around. It’s watching me. It’s near. It’s coming for me.

Now I’m in my room, or our room, since only J that doesn’t sleep in the same room as the rest of us. I’m beside R’s bed, the door at my right. My brother wants me to ‘pat-pat’ him, as he likes to call it (it means stay with him ‘till he sleeps, more or less). I had my guard down. First mistake. He was lying on the side near the wall and I lay beside him. Stupid! I tuck myself under the blanket and relax, my hands behind my head. That was it.

I hear rapid footsteps, so fast they were not human. I freeze. I couldn’t see it yet, but it’s coming for me from the direction of the door. It’s here, I can feel it, I hear it, it’s coming! In a flash of red, it was right in front of me and it grabbed my throat. I screamed. The thing was short, height almost to my hips, dressed in blood red, its grey beard and moustache messy, eyes wild, fierce, intent to kill. I tried to claw off his hands, failing miserably.

Eyes wide open, heart beating fast, my breath not quite slow either. It was still dark… A dwarf. My attacker was a red, angry, intent-on-killing dwarf. And my scream sounded annoyingly close to the obnoxious sound of a ringing alarm clock. It could have been to wake me up, a kind of sign, maybe. My thoughts were a total mess. ‘That was scary’, ‘that was weird’, ‘what on earth was that’, ‘what did it mean’, ‘why did I dream that’, ‘that was dumb’, all sorts of things rushed in and out of my head in a time span of five seconds. I calmed down slightly. I can’t go back to sleep now, not alone…

It’s not dark anymore, the sun shining bright. I told my mother of my ‘nightmare’. I think back on it. A dwarf, how silly. I don’t remember watching nor reading anything with dwarfs in it to have that kind of nightmare. Heck, I didn’t even watch a horror movie. My scream was weird too. Why a flipping alarm clock?

But I can’t help to still feel scared at times. It wasn’t the dwarf; it was the act of being watched and having something jump in front of my face that scared the crap out of me. It’s stupid. Absurd. Downright laughable. Irrational even. I know that, but I can’t help it.

Irrational fear is irrational fear after all.

End –Ch. 2

– So, I decided to kick my but and finish this. If there are any typo/grammar errors or if you think I should change somethings, please tell me. I’m not a writer, but I like writing/making stories. 🙂

By the way, if it wasn’t obvious this series are recounts of dreams I’ve had (and remembered + is interesting enough). And they probably say a lot about me, but whatever I guess.. I’ll stop rambling now. Thanks 🙂