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“Sitting around and minding her own business. Not doing anything. Well, perhaps not nothing. She was having one of her internal debates, when she spotted something on the tile.

A green-black beetle. So small compared to its surrounding. Looking closer she examined the creature, then jumped up to search for something.

Coming back, camera in hand, the girl crouched beside the beetle and held the camera as close as possible for it to focus. After looking for the best angle and trying hard to get the right focus, she took the shot.”


-I’m spamming you guys with pictures now since I don’t really have any good drawings to upload and I think I hit a wall call writer’s block… =’___= Plus I have all these photos stacked in my computer and I found out that my most liked posts are photo related.. I don’t know what to feel really (having people like my photos but not my drawing(as much) or writing. =3= Well, I’m not really complaining though. 😛

Anyhow! I don’t remember when this was taken, a few years back I think?? I like the focus though, hahaha.. ^^ Thanks anyway.

B.o.S. over ‘n out!