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“Red, blue and yellow. Primary colours combined into different shades and different ‘identities’. Colourful, happy, sad, wild, crowded, beautiful… Colours give expression.

Black and white. Two shades categorized as ‘other’. Decides shadow and light. Colourless, still, old, melancholy, different, desolate, beauty in its own way.. Sometimes reverting to the world of two ‘colours’ is the right way, sometimes.. Sometimes colourless deliver the meaning just right.”


-Okay, I don’t know how it turned more into black and white while the picture itself is, well, colourful. But I like it, so whatever. 😛 Anyway, I wanted to post this now just because I didn’t want to wait and ’cause I can. And I like close-ups.

When I took this picture -or actually before- I just looked into that box and thought ‘Oh, I bet that actually will look nice in a photo’. So, ya. And the blacks and white are (mostly) charcoal. I got them from my grandmother since she doesn’t really use them anymore. So, yep, okay, I’ll stop babbling. Thanks 🙂

B.o.S. (kind of) over ‘n out!!

Quick babble: When I made my username I did not realize if I only used the first alphabets it would turn into ‘bos’. 8DP