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The Fairy

“In no man’s land, where the creatures, supernatural or not, live. With tall lush trees and sparkling clear rivers in daylight, but tall black shadows blocking the light and deep dark waters waiting to pull anything down in the night.

A lone small light floating in the dark, searching. The sounds of the night are not pleasant here. The howling, snapping of branches, crushing of leaves, footsteps, a chase, a death, a feeling of becoming the next prey. Nothing good comes out of the dark.

The small light, a fairy, ignores the sounds and goes on calmly. She sees a soft light behind the thick barrier of trees in a very small clearing, the gap between trees only enough for a small animal to go through. She approaches slowly, her hands reaching the orb of light. The orb is slightly larger than her. She stops, hands hovering near the orb. Her necklace glows and energy gushes out of the orb, glowing brighter by the second.

A small orb of soft light doesn’t mean no danger. In this land, day or night, nothing can be trusted. An orb of light is danger to come. But there is no danger for this fairy. Never think that fairies are harmless. These creatures will play with you, confuse you, use you and throw you away when they’re bored. This fairy is in no danger.

She is the danger.”

-Thanks to the first three people who liked my picture. ^^a

This is a drawing I made for a friend back in high school. Yes, it’s a fairy. And about the writing in the background, it really exists in the actual paper. I can’t really draw properly on proper drawing paper. TT__TT Sometimes I can, but it requires massive concentration and the right mood. So! Most of my best drawing are in used/brown/text book/pieces of paper. Sad story. 😛

Edit: So I decided to add a little story that was SUPPOSED TO be short. Got carried away and ta-da! And somehow it turned into a mystery/horror story. Oh well. Anyway, please tell me if I used a word (or more) wrong or if there are any typos or grammar mistakes. Thanks, I hope you liked it. ^w^