Ice Cream from the 60′s


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Okay, so.. It’s been awhile hasn’t it. Anyone surprised? No? Good. This time I present you with some crappy photos (they were taken with my phone) of an old looking coffee shop or something, I don’t know. It looked like something that came out of the 60′s or earlier. Even the person who I’m pretty sure is the owner, well, is an old man.

The place seemed kind of surreal and the smell reminded me of these Goosebump books my brother and I like to read. I like it but it’s sort of creepy, and I’m not actually sure if I’ll be going back.. Probably not. I only went in ’cause I’ve never seen it open before anyway. :P

Oh, and bonus Reindeer Poo! XD (they were made by this organic shop-thing last christmas) forgive me


Aaaannndd I don’t feel like writing/typing, sorry. The next post will definetily have some, but it’ll be kind of dark. Anywho!


B.o.S. over ‘n out!

Looking Closer


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A green pumpkin A green pumpkin

White and purple with a pinch of yellow White and purple with a pinch of yellow lol for this sounding like a recipe

Wood, a closer look Wood, a closer look and this sounds like a documentary or something

Big white flower Big white flower

Have a muddy four-wheeler!Have a muddy four-wheeler!

Will you believe me if I told you that I totally forgot that I had a blog…?? :| No, wait, I forgot I had blogs!! Oh s***… O”””O

….. On another note, I’ve been drowning in assignments and Linkin Park and One Republic songs (they’re both super awesome bands and you should totally listen to their songs). And sometimes I hate my self.. (okay maybe hate’s a bit harsh) TT___TT On the brighter side my studies are almost finished for this year, and it’s almost Xmas! Whoop!! Well, I don’t really celebrate christmas, but my mum will be here for my birthday and it also means holidays, so yeah… :Pv My father thought that I was going to be 20 this year.. It made me confused for a while ’cause I’ll be 20 next year. #facepalm But that’s already cleared so whatev.. Oh! And I have wi-fi now, woohoo!! And my laptop can access WordPress again, finally!! \o/

Um.. I can’t think of a story right now so… Hiatus?? ;__; I might edit this post later, or post the next story about Allan and co. on the next one, (or the one after that ugh) I don’t know….. Untill next time,

B.o.S. over ‘n out!!

One Eyed Monsters


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The eraser/rubber who drinks tea

The eye of bad pun ( :P )

Hey won pt you look at that, I coloured them!! Whoop for me!! \(:D)/
Anyhow, I made and coloured all of these on my iPad.. Aaanndd I’ve been lazy again… T^T isthatnewsnonotreallywell
And have a one-eyed cartoon character I made (he has friends) out of a whim. They’re one-eyed, simple drawings, with cone hats with their initials (they’re all named after emotions/feelings n stuff) on it.. And I try to make all of their colours different. It’s… Surprisingly not very easy… :|


So, story of the week, time, post, month, whatever…

#3 The Religious Man
The Lord works in mysterious ways. At least that’s what people say and that’s what I have come to believe. They also say that angels are good and demons are bad. Every thing seems very black and white from what I have been tought. But as life has shown me, anything rarely is. There is no such thing as black or white, only varying colours of grey. Throughout my life I have learned many things. But all my 27 years of experience would never have been able to prepare me for an encounter that changed my life. My name is Thatcher Hemsley, and let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a young man with blue eyes and dark brown hair and pale skin. He was a man of faith. He believed in God, and he believed in people. In his school days he was diligent, and after he was hard-working. He was content with what he had in life, he was balanced. An encounter that would have been deemed as impossible by many people disrupted that balance. It was raining but he walked through, not minding his wet clothes. The streets were quiet and no one was in sight when he spotted a man. A man who was staring straight at him. It should’ve been weird or creepy, but all he felt was an odd sense of calm. A sense that this man is no danger to him. He stared back, curious, and as he got closer his footsteps slowed down. The man in front of him looked older with green eyes and black hair. The man smiled and said, “Hello, I am Asmodel, an angel of the lord, and I am here to serve you as your guardian.” Despite his belief, someone claiming to be an angel should have been a stretch, unbelievable. But he didn’t, no, he couldn’t doubt the being in front of him. He replied, “I’m… Thatcher Hemsley…” He honestly could not think of anything else to say. He was speechless.
That day, his balance started to change without his notice. His happy life fell apart but gave in to a better one. A life with a person he loves who loves him equally in return. But that was only the beginning. The story of his life has just started.

((Mmmhhhh….. I hope it’s okay for you guys. I’m not sure I actually got the atmosphere/feeling right. :/ So, Thatch’s pov will be a half fairy tale story telling sort of style. If you get what I mean.. ^^a That’s Thatch meeting Gav, and the next one will be Gav Cloy, the fallen angel. I can’t think of anything else to say, so, until next time,

B.o.S. over ‘n out!))

Look Around, But Hold On Tight


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An ‘Aye’

Lame pun ftw. :Pv Yep, I decided to give you guys another post after all. You’ll have to wait for Thatch’s story though. The last post burnt out my muse for tonight. (i.e. lazy ahoy slaps self) So~… An eye and a lame pun that doesn’t really mean anything. Wow, such a great post. (I still love sarcasm haha ^^’) On a different note, if you have been following me, or if you look at my older posts, you should remember my Fragments of Dreams posts. I have another story for that, but I might post it after I finish the intro for Allan and co. (only Thatcher and Gav are left so..) This dream stars (or starred???) my alter ego/other self/me from a parallel universe. And apparently he’s an ***hole.. :I I have a lot of dream!mes but not all of them have specific(?) personalities, and certainly not like him. Bad parallel me! pff idgit Oh, but I didn’t write it down yet.. Better get to it then.

Let us not seperate

Don’t ask. They’re.. Those, two… Somethings are not actually joined/stuck together, they’re holding hands. If you can’t tell, it’s really not your fault. I think they’re kinda cute…… :PP These two drawings(?) were made on my iPad.. without the pen things (I don’t know what they are called), and well, if I could print it colouring the eye would be interesting, I think. ^^a Anyhow, my laptop still hates me and I have to buy a cable to connect the printer/scanner to it so digital drawings slash doodles are all you’re going to get for a while. Sorry. D’: Are they bad? Too weird?? Or are they ok? ‘Till we meet again

B.o.S. over ‘n out!

A Look Into A Mountain


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A pathway of flowers

A pathway of flowers

A fallen flower

A fallen flower

Drive in

Drive in

Standing up

Standing up

Rimes with bottle

Rimes with bottle
yea I’m not sure I spelt that right

Rocks on a sandy ground

Rocks on a sandy ground

Shades of brown

Shades of brown

*nervous laugh* Um, I missed the last few weeks……. ;___; (make that a month) Ugh, but this time it’s not just because of me procrastinating, blame my assignments (yes, plural) too… :P’a
Anyhow, here I am. I might post more than one but I don’t want to make any promises ugh So, my brother and father came over (not sure if that’s the right word for it ’cause this is my dad’s house :P) for 3 weeks and my dad has been dragging me all over the place.. I’m not sure if I actually mind it.. :/a My bro tried the Croc and Roo (crocodile and kangaroo) in this restaurant in Manly. Btw, I never told you that I tried that last year too did I.. Did I?? Well just so you know, Crocodile meat tastes like chicken, literally, and kangaroo meat tastes like beef or something. I never expected croc meat to be white meat, actually I didn’t know what to expect. ^^’a Now I don’t know, but some of you might think “Poor kangaroo (or maybe crocodile)! How could she eat that!” Or maybe “Ugh, yuck! You really ate that?” Or possibly “Hmm, I want to try it too.” (lol, not sure if anyone except a curious foody or just someone too curious would actually think that) Well, I did kind of feel sorry for the kanga, but that might have been because it was red meat (I associate red meat with beef so..) or maybe something else, who knows. And a couple of days after that I had a camel burger! (disgusting? No? Oh well) It looked more like a camel burger patty whatever-ya-call-it in a sandwich. *shrug* It didn’t taste bad but.. Well, I wanted to know what the camel meat on its own would taste like. Maybe someday.
Oh wow, okay, enough about the exotic foods and on to Gil!

#2 The Unreligious Man
Hi, my name’s Gilbert Milloy, and my friends call me Gil. I’m a 32 year old white American with gray-green eyes and sandy blond hair. I grew up in a relaxed and open-minded environment. My family is, surprisingly, very normal. But this isn’t about my family or how I grew up. This is about that day I met a demon.
It was a nice day, some may call it beautiful even, when I decided to have a walk in a park. (the walk in a park was ‘a walk in a park’.. snickers) And I was still jobless. Even more jobless than a flipping 2 year old. Why is finding a job so hard? Just because I have my dumb mood swings (my doctor says it’s a personality disorder) no one wants to hire me! Discrimination! That’s what this is! The others say that I’m in denial. I honestly don’t know what I would be in denial of. No, seriously, I don’t. Why would I eve-…
I bumped into a wall and almost fell on my ass. “Oww!” “Oops! You need to pay attention where you’re going, mate!” Oh, walls don’t talk. I looked up to see a guy smiling down at me. He had hazel eyes and dark brown hair, and his accent sounded foreign, maybe British or Australian (I could never tell the difference). Something about this man unsettled me, something about him felt wrong. “Uh, s-sorry man, I guess thinking and walking aren’t a good combo.” I laughed nervously. Dagnabit! I hate stuttering. The man looked at me, his smile turned into a grin before he started laughing. “No problem! You seem okay, my name’s Allan, what’s your’s?” Nope! That just set my alarm off. Rather than friendly (probably the intended image) he looked more creepy than anything. Ugh. And of course I started stuttering again. Sigh. “Um, I -uh.. It’s, it’s Gil -Gilbert…” If I haven’t mistaken, I’m pretty sure I was developing a migraine. “Dude, chill! I’m not going to kidnap you or what ever it is you’re so nervous about.” He said it while imitating the (as far as I know) universal sign of surrender. No, I still didn’t buy it. Laughs. I spoke slowly and my disbelief was probably dripping everywhere. “.. Yeah, I need to go..” He just smiled at me and waved. “Bye~, sampai jumpa lagi!” That last thing he said wasn’t in English, but I ignored it in favor of getting as far away from him as possible. I spent the rest of the day looking behind my back and being paranoid about my surroundings.
Little did I know that that man, Allan, was a demon that would change my world and what I knew of it. And through that demon I would meet two people (I use the term loosely), and the three of them I would regard as my best friends. All in good time.

((I wanted to try different point of views and different ways of ‘speaking’ between the characters, please tell me what you think about it. (seriously I need feedback D: ) As far as I know dagnabit is not a word. Gil is going to invent/say weird words instead of actual curse/swear words. He’s funny like that. ^^ (in a weird way lol) And because he is American, every time it’s his pov I’ll use the American spelling. So if I make any mistakes, please, please, tell me. I’m used to my u’s and I’m not entirely sure with the difference between American, British, and Australian English. #insertbeggingface
Btw, “sampai jumpa lagi” is Indonesian for see you again/next time. Yes, I decided Allan speaks Indonesian, ’cause I can (speak the language and make him). The next one will be Thatcher Hemsley, the religious man. Until then,

B.o.S. over ‘n out! wow that was long))

Flowers and Chairs and A Bark


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A Pink Cluster
A Pink Cluster

Pieces of Red
Pieces of Red

Look Closer
Look Closer

Sap and Bark
Sap and Bark

Wooden Chair In The Open
Wooden Chair In The Open

Have A Seat!
Have A Seat!

Hooraahh!! I actually did what I said I would do! :DP
Anyhow, here is a little bit of shameless advertising.. My cousin likes designing dresses but peer pressure (or maybe more like authority pressure) made her not pursue a designing career, and she wanted me to post her designs online. And since I’m not posting them here (this blog is for my personal stuff only, if you didn’t notice) I made a new blog for her. And because most of the time we will be (are) living in different countries I will post things really slowly into her blog. (and because of my computer I can’t properly edit the website) Here it is, if you want to have a look at it: E. S. S. J. Design
Now on to the drabble!

#1 The “Good” Demon
There are many things in this world. Many conflict between humans. Those insignificant specs of dust flying with the wind with no destination, fighting with each other for everything and anything. Watching them wrestle each other is one of the most entertaining pass time -even they themselves agree. Although coming from someone who lives -no, used to live- in a hot red and black wasteland with nothing but screams it’s not surprising, really. My name is Allan Page, and I am a demon known as Alastor.
Now before we move our relationship any further, we will need some visuals, don’t you think? Age (as a human) 29, hazel eyes, dark brown semi long hair, and tan skin. You can go nuts with the details! Besides annoying the heck out of my mates, my hobbies are watching things, being mischievous, breaking the fourth wall, and just generally being me… You can’t tell, but I’m winking now. Aren’t we having a fine conversation -hm? Oh, background? That’s a long story you’re asking for, but the short version is:
Once upon a time there was a demon who wasn’t as evil as they came. He was different, and the other demons didn’t like him for that. One day that demon did something no other demons would ever dare to do. He stole something from the one who controls hell. That young demon had the insight to run like there was no tomorrow, and was never heard of again. Until today that demon grew up and lived among humans. So the story continues to the demon meeting his three companions, and this ends the story of ‘The “Good” Demon’. To be continued.. Well I can’t say the end now, can I.
G’day, and see you next time!

((I apologise for Allan, if whatever he (now and the future) says go over the line please forgive him, don’t take him too seriously. Never take everything he says too seriously. He’s Allan.. I love him, but I admit he’s a total git. Anyhow, tell me if there is anything I can improve. And next would be about Gilbert, the unreligious man.))

Would You Like Some Tea?


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Hey guys, have a talking(?) eraser!!

So for some stupid inexplicable reason my computer wont let me go into wordpress (it keeps saying the connection resetted or the site’s busy D: ) so I can’t post any photos (which is supposed to be this post) ’cause they’re all in my laptop.. :/ I’ll try posting something from my school’s computer in maybe two days or so, I can’t do it today. If anyone knows why my computer is acting up, please help me.. ;A;

Okay, so you’re not just getting the weird eraser, you’re also getting a weird red-eyed rabbit. :P Thinking back, I don’t know why I used eraser and not rubber… :/a Meh, whatever.
I said that I would give you an Allan & co. drabble, but I can’t give it now, I’ll give you guys something in a few hours. Be patient until then. ^^a


B.o.S. over ‘n out!! :3

A Song of Bubbles


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*clears throat*
Okay, first of all I want to say that I’m very, very sorry for the long hiatus and that I’m not dead.. Let’s just say that my totally-made-up-psychologycal ‘sickness’ (I think you know what I mean) has been acting up big time. :(
Well, now I’m back (hopefully permanently) and I have been thinking, rather than giving you random drabbles of nothing, maybe it would be better if I wrote short stories scratchdrabblesscratch about Allan and co. instead. What do you think?? Although I’ll still write random drabbles every now and then, but I wanted to try to concentrate on something more, um, specific. Anyhow, if you have any opinions about it I’d like to hear them. :)
Now, about the drawing (yes, that’s a drawing).. Unlike the others I’ve posted, this was drawn on my iPad, not on a random piece of paper. And I didn’t colour it because, let’s face it, an iPad isn’t exactly the best thing to use for colouring things, especially if you’re using your fingers. Although I could try printing it and then colour it manually, but maybe next time, yeah? And, uh, I don’t really have a drabble for this (don’t really feel like it), sorry.. So, that’s it I guess. Thanks.. :)

B.o.S. over ‘n out!!

A Portrait


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A Portrait of A Woman

“This is a portrait of a woman. A strong woman, with large brown eyes and dark hair. Looking at the distance, with thought, seriousness, and determination. A beautiful woman, but beauty is relative

The woman, with eyes looking to the future. Her everything screaming “I’M READY!” What does she see? What is she preparing herself for? This is a portrait of a woman prepared to fight for a better future.”

What? I’m posting something? And that something is so bloody short?? O well. This is a drawing of no one in particular. I just found a piece of already-printed-on paper and drew something random on the back. Because I could use the back. Because it was blank. And it would be a waste of paper if I just threw it. It turned into a portrait(?) of some woman and this is the BW version. Well, it’s not like I coloured it. :P

So~.. The.. Drabble? Word vomit?? I just came up with that (just like every other word vomit I write/type), and it’s just what I think of about this drawing. I hope you like it?? ^^’a

And, wow! Summer has shown its bad side. The heat wave today! It was about 41 degrees Celsius here. It was hot (still is), sunny (which did NOT help at all), and kind of windy. The thing is, the wind was hot! So outside it was this stuffy kind of hot. And there were people walking around! (okay, don’t think of the ones that had to work, or buy stuff you need in order to live) But, well, I guess it wasn’t that unbearable.. If you didn’t stay outside for too long. And yes, I was one of those people walking around in the heat. What? I wanted to know the difference between hot here and in Bali! Although I kind of expected 40 to be dead-hot.. But I’m not saying it’s not hot. I stayed inside most of the day. Lucky. It could be worse? My father could’ve not borrowed the portable Air-con, or my house could’ve been one of the types that weren’t hot-upstairs-cool-downstairs. (yes, it gets hot on the second floor in summer and cold on the first floor in winter, but I guess it kind of balances out) O well, nothing interesting, so that’s all from me.

B.o.S. over ‘n out!


EDIT: Okay! I just found out that I kind of have a pattern when posting??!! I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! So, I just scrolled down and noticed that recently(ish) I’ve been posting mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What the hey?! How did THAT happen?? And it’s not always every one week either, just check the dates! Wow, that’s weird.. *mind blown* But I don’t think it will last? I think this because things change when I notice them. Usually. :P

Fireworks For A New Start


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Look At The People!

Look at all those people! Lucky me, I was on the bridge. :)The Sun Just Setting

The time was 7.30 p.m. and the sun has just started to set. The lights were turned on and the people waiting for the show.Reflection of Lights On Water

After the sky turned dark the lights from buildings reflected off the waters making an attractive ‘painting’.It's Dark And Almost Time

The time was 8 o’clock. One hour to the show and the warm day gave into a windy night. The sky was dark and people waited.DSCN4854DSCN4856 DSCN4858 DSCN4865 DSCN4869 DSCN4875Reflection of Yellow And Blue On Water Reflection of Red And Green On Water DSCN4896 DSCN4898 DSCN4900 DSCN4901 DSCN4902

The 9 o’clock fireworks are on! The night sky shines with colourful lights; red, green, blue, yellow.. The sounds produced were like thunder, the show was amazing. The lights were beautiful.The Streets After The Fireworks

The time was 15 past 12 a.m. and people are walking on George St. heading to the unblocked parts where they could get a bus, taxi, or their car.


Happy (belated??) New Year, everyone! \( :D )/

So, it’s really late now and it’s kind of my fault too, but I’m tired now so I’ll edit this post when I wake up. Good night!

Edited! :)

What do you think of my reporter-like writing? Is it good enough? So, I’ll just say that that day was quite hot at first but then the night was windy and the wind was cold. :\ I tried to do some writing before the fireworks started to kill time. I only accomplished a little. These photos of the fireworks are from the 9 o’clock one, I watched the midnight fireworks too but I took a video and, well, I don’t think I can post videos here. Oh, and these were taken on Anzac Bridge, not the Harbour Bridge, obviously. And my father got sunstroke.. Kind of. So I went with some relatives.

And, guys, I really need your opinion on After Dark. Seriously. Help me. And I kind of need a beta.. Word is doing a better job at proof-reading than me. *sobs*

Plus the fandom(s) is taking over me these days. I really want to make a Tumblr blog. If anyone cares I might tell you when I do. Anybody like the new Sherlock TV-series??

Tumblr is giving me Sherlokian feels so.. B.o.S. over ‘n out! T^T7


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